arctic freeze and food trucks

So, Pat and I are in Austin for the weekend visiting my sis. We’re both pretty obsessed with the weather (umm…we don’t go outside without knowing the exact wind chill).  And so naturally, to prep for our trip, we’ve been checking out the Austin 1o-day forecast religiously. Like thrice a day. At least.

AND GUESS WHAT?!?! It’s supposed to be 80 and sunny all weekend. My heart jumps for joy. I think I might have seasonal affective disorder because in NC, the weather has been glum and my little dopey heart has been glum right along with it. (My friend Jessie has this super-special, super-effective lamp that you can sit in front of to ward off the SAD blues. Apparently it makes you creepily, yet wonderfully,  happy.  Perhaps I should invest.) Anyway, stopping my thoughts about the glumness of clouds and cold in NC,  moving back to the happiness and sunshine of Austin.

So yeah. The point here is that, last night in warm, sunny Austin, I thought I had been transported to the lives of one of those crazy hiker people who get lost in the deep woods of an icy place. Try the Arctic circle.   We slept in MK’s spare room with the windows open. I thought this would provide a light breeze, and it’s supposed to be 80 (the weather said so!!!), so we’d be fine. Apparently not. In Austin, it apparently drops to -20 degrees every night. We had only one sheet to cover us and I clung to Pat all night for dear life. I felt like I was one of those people who have hypothermia and have to get in a sleeping bag necked (yep, that’s necked–not naked) with someone else to bring me back to life.

Now I know that Austin gets cold at night.  And when this happens, I suggest finding the nearest person and gripping them with a super claw grip and hanging on for dear life for warmth.

Anyway, YAY, it’s going to be 80 and sunny today.  And I get to do fancy Austin things. Like eat from a food truck (suggestions?) on South Congress. And go to Rudy’s B-B-Q.  And be a hippie.

Posts to come on my food truck experiences. I’m a little nervous I might die of E. Coli. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean my sis) assures me I won’t. But my anxious self just isn’t quite ready to believe that. I’ll keep you updated.


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