saturday morning

So, I woke up this morning at 5am. Bummer? Potentially. Or, time to make the most delicious cinnamon bread EVER? Potentially. While I make cinnamon bread, banging around bowls and mixers and spatulas and rolling pins, will Pat toss and turn while trying to sleep from all the noise? Potentially. Will he be mad? Potentially. But maybe not if I feed him lots and lots of this buttery goodness. I mean, really, doesn’t cinnamon bread cure even the worst of days? In my book, yes. Undoubtedly.

And, what else am I to do when I wake up at 5am on a Saturday and there’s no hope of going back to sleep? Clearly, making and eating lots of cinnamon bread is the only answer.

To be honest though, even though 5am is W-A-Y early for Saturday morning, Saturday mornings are T-H-E best. And even if I wake up at 5am, I’m still pretty pumped because it’s Saturday. Saturday, the best of days EVER.

Here’s why:

  1. There’s time to bake cinnamon bread that might or might not take 3 hours.
  2. I can do anything I want today! I can run around my apartment with my underwear on my head and do a crazy dance if I want. Only Pat (poor Pat) might judge me.
  3. My inner girlie-girl can come out. I can get my nails done, read Shopaholic books, daydream about being Becky (clearly if you don’t know Becky, you need to read the Shopaholic books), watch the Bachelor and read all of the bios of the cast and then go to the store and buy trashy celebrity gossip magazines to read even more about the Bachelor (and Emily and Chantal), and wear hot pink!!!! Because today I don’t have to be a professional!!!! Sweet.
  4. Need I even give any more reasons? The last one was so good.
  5. Okay, okay, so the Durham farmer’s market is pretty sweet too.
  6. We might eat somewhere really yummy tonight like Vin Rouge or Pop’s or Dain’s. I just can’t let Pat choose because he’ll make us go to the Chinese buffet.
  7. Reason number 3 still stands as the best reason. If you still need more reasons, I suggest you revisit that one. Umm, yeah.

So, there you have it. Saturdays are glorious. So is celebrity gossip and cinnamon bread. Perhaps at the same time, while getting a pedicure would be MOST glorious. Basically, in a nutshell:

Cinnamon bread + celebrity gossip involving the Bachelor + pedicure + running around with underwear on my head + no one judging me for it = HAPPINESS.

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