pickle bar at Rudy’s = perfection.

So, when we went to Austin two weeks ago,  I talked a big talk about how I’d write about food trucks, BBQ, crazy hippies, and all things Austin.  And then the posts never followed. And now I feel guilty because I feel like I didn’t keep my end of the deal in sharing the deliciousness that is Austin. So, in an attempt to redeem myself, here’s my Austin schpeel.

Okay,  before I say any more, just look at this:

meat and beans. perfect.

At Rudy’s BBQ, located in a gas station on the south side of Austin,  you order meat by the pound. AND, the best part is, before you even order, if it’s your first time at Rudy’s, then you get to have FREE SAMPLES of all the meat before you even order. I could write a book about my love for free samples, so this was just like a dream come true. (Seriously, there’s nothing better than Whole Foods at 5pm on a Friday when they’re giving away free samples of everything in  hopes you’ll buy some a take it home to enjoy…yeah, I just taste the freebies and relish in the free-ness.) Anyway, after we sampled some deliciously smoked turkey, beef brisket (both wet and dry…the wet is extra fatty but extra delicious; the dry is a leaner cut), and a bit of their smoked ribs, we decided on a 1/2 lb. of smoked turkey, a 1/2 lb. of the dry brisket, and a 1/2 lb. of the wet brisket.

And then comes the 2nd best part (the 1st best was the samples): the pickle and onion bar. For all you pickle-lovers out there, this may just be your dream come true….once you get your delicious tray of meet, huge vats of pickles await you, free for the taking. I think I went through 3 cups of pickles. I know that’s a lot, but they’re so FREAKING GOOD. LOVE PICKLES. And yeah, so I also love onions and they have free vats of these too, but, I was scared to eat too many for fear my company might not recover from the smell of me eating 3 cups of onions. So anyway, I stuck to my pickles.

At Rudy’s, the plate consisted of a sheet of butcher paper. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.  Here’s my first (note, first) plate of delicious goodness:

Mmmm.... meat.

And Rudy’s was just one (ONE!) meal (Sunday lunch to be precise). To rewind a bit, we started Friday night with sweeter than sweet Soco Sweet Teas at Hopdoddy’s followed by delicious beer and burgers at Black Star Co-Op and Pub;  proscuitto and spinach pizza, chocolate chip bread pudding, ice cream cake, and Apricot beer at the first-ever Whole Foods for lunch on Saturday (okay, so I didn’t eat all of those things, that was shared between me, Pat, and Mary Kate) and wonderfully salty, perfectly limey margaritas at Fonda San Miguel Saturday night; and, to top it all off, my sister is pretty much the BEST biscuit maker ever and so we had homemade biscuits, bacon, and eggs each morning. Yum. Yes, Pat and I came back feeling about 5 pounds heavier. Was it worth it? Yes. Deee-licious.

So, yeah Austin is pretty much awesome. And delicious. And make my pants fit tighter. But also makes my mouth smile wider. AND….YES. I did go looking for Bachelor Brad’s infamous bars on 6th Street (he has 4). AND…YES, let’s be honest, I was a little disappointed I didn’t catch an in-person glance of him and (YAY!) Emily. But oh well, I did find the bars, I just didn’t my fav reality TV stars. Maybe next time.

I love Austin. It’s delish. I love my sister too. She’s the best. She makes really sweet biscuits. (Maybe if she reads this post, she’ll even post her recipe.) Hint, hint, MK…please share that delicious recipe.

we think we look pretty silly in cowboy hats.


3 thoughts on “pickle bar at Rudy’s = perfection.

  1. Yes, Mary Kate, please post the biscuit recipe! I have been looking for a good one for forever, with no notable success. Wisconsin is not really biscuit central…

    Hope things are great with both of you!!

  2. So it is like the easiest recipe ever… but the problem is… I just throw the stuff in a bowl without measuring haha!

    But here is an approximation:

    2 cups self-rising flour
    1/3 cup vegetable oil or shortening
    2/3 cup milk (any kind – we use nonfat)

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

    So basically use a fork to mix them all together and add more milk until it is a doughy consistency. If it gets sticky though just add some more flour. Basically trial and error. Then just mash it out onto a pan with your fingers (no rolling pin) and cut them into whatever shape you want. We usually use the circle biscuit cutters but today we made longhorns! Oh and yesterday we made green biscuits by just adding food coloring.

    Throw them in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes. Just watch them… they don’t get very brown. If they do get brown, the bottoms are probably burned!

    So anyway just do trial and error like I said. I actually just pour from the milk jug and the oil container straight into the mixing bowl. It is pretty easy to just approximate. You can also use the dough for monkey bread instead of using canned biscuits and if you add a bit of sugar and salt to the dough you can use it for some great cinnamon rolls!! (just roll it out in a square and put a mixture of butter, flour, and brown sugar all over it… then roll it up and cut!)

    Yummy 🙂

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