sunny days and thunderstormy afternoons. summer is here.

It’s summer. Finally. It’s actually felt like summer for at least a month now. We’ve had at least three weeks straight of 90 degree days with 100% humidity. But maybe that’s just the nature of living in the South.

I’m on Pawleys Island in South Carolina for the week and there couldn’t be any place better to experience summer. This morning at 9am, the humidity was so thick you could have cut it with a knife.  And, to step back 30 minutes earlier to 8:30am, it was already 87 degrees outside.

While this might make some cringe with visions of sweat-soaked shirts, shorts, undies (you know it’s true!), foreheads, you name it…it makes me twinge with delight. It’s not the heat, but it’s the routine of it all. It’s what I expect. It’s what summer is to me. Heat, humidity, beach, sand, and the quiet of the marsh at Pawleys.

I haven’t written in a while because work has been quite, well, crazy. The end of the year always brings a certain frenzy, and this year it was coupled with over a hundred new teachers arriving in North Carolina, and me supposedly in charge of it all. Yikes! Time for me to buck up and get my act together, and thus, let my writing go for a bit.

But now I’m at Pawleys; it’s summer; we’re cooking a giant pot of shrimp tonight for dinner; it was Pat and I’s one year anniversary this week (I know, I can’t believe it either!) and we’re going to a super fancy-smancy plantation to stay tomorrow night and life just couldn’t get any better.

By the way, Old Bay seasoning ROCKS when you’re cooking shrimp. Buy some. Boil some shrimp and follow the trusty, tried-and-true instructions for some truly deeee-licious shrimp. Trust me.

The view from the back porch. Perfect.

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