building a movement to end the october slump

It’s October.

October means so many things: my sweet husband’s birthday, leaves changing, pumpkins for Halloween, the beginning of pumpkin pie and sweater season, and my personal favorite…the infamous singing ghost that dangles from the ceiling and makes its ghosty noises at the drop of a pin.

For those of you who have taught or still teach, we also know October to be a time when, well, things can be just a little different. We’re antsy. Kids are antsy. We’re all starting to think about the holidays even though they still seem dreadfully far away. In October, there’s always at least one day when things just feel like the world will absolutely end if… you have to get out of bed, make your lunch, drive to school, teach, eat the lunch you made (“Yes! Another peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”), teach some more, go to the staff meeting, and drive home… one more time.

So, I’m officially starting a movement to end the bleakness of October. Remember that list of happiness that I started off with? That’s what I want to be thinking about in October! October just doesn’t have to be this way! If we all just committed to seeing the happy each day in October, I swear it could revolutionize the world! We could have all these happy teachers creating happy students and happy schools and coming home each day feeling….happy!

Maybe I’m a little overzealous; but seriously, I just think we have to do something to stop the rampant October slump.

So, for me, I’m making a happiness commitment this October and here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

1. No longer having to rely on my parent’s singing ghost, I bought a bigger, badder version of the singing ghoul for Patty and I to enjoy. Unfortunately, the TV sets it off, so it is very loud and goes off every 5 minutes. We have LOTS of October spirit with this thing in the house.

Our singing ghost. He moves up and down and plays creepy music.

2. Little Debbie fall tree cakes for my lunch. We used to have to wait until Christmas to get those delightful little cakes. But now we get fall cakes. The Little Debbie company and I are clearly on the same page about this personal mission to bring happiness to October.

My Fall Tree Cakes sit in a place of honor on the counter.

3. Pat had the longest birthday ever. We started celebrating the week before his birthday and celebrated a full week after his birthday, too. We pretty much can do and eat whatever we want and excuse the behavior because it’s Pat’s birthday week(s).

Pat blowing out the candles on his favorite red velvet birthday cake.

4. Last October, I laid in my bed and hibernated as soon as getting home from work to escape the seasonal slump.  This year, I’ve been training for a half-marathon. Woot! Woot! This has kicked my butt and created endorphin-induced warm fuzzy feelings. (I’m running the Ramblin’ Rose in Durham on October 16th!)

4. I bought a pumpkin for the porch. It makes me happy every time I come home.

5. I bought the Tartine bakery cookbook and I am going to make some delicious croissants. The total hours to make these things looks to be about 26, but my philosophy is: you have to do whatever it takes to make October happy. 26 hour croissants, here I come.

What makes you HAPPIEST about October?


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