sick day

I’m sick. Ugh.

I had a scratchy throat yesterday and it turned into a hacking cough overnight. And then I had a fever this morning. I haven’t had a fever since I was in high school and I had pneumonia.

I keep thinking I might have pneumonia. Maybe I’ll have to go to the hospital.

So, I laid on the couch for multiple hours today, alternately feeling bad for myself and checking my email. BTW, if you’re already feeling bad, I wouldn’t recommend checking email. There wasn’t anything preposterously bad in my email, it’s just not the most uplifting way to spend your day. I should have watched some Queen Latifah instead. I love her.

Anyway, I laid like a lump on the couch until 3pm. Then I rose and tried to make cookies. I know, I have pneumonia, but if only I eat them, only I will catch the germs (and I already have them, okay?).

And then I ran out of flour when I got to the part when you roll out the dough. Figures; it’s just that kind of day, I suppose.

Pat went to the store to buy me more flour and more cough syrup.

He came home with flour, cough syrup, and a bottle of red wine. Sounds like a dangerous combination to me.  Add some pneumonia-germ covered-cookie dough and you have a recipe for disaster.

I’ll let Pat drink the wine this time. I’ll drink the cough syrup and make the cookies.


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