top ten things we take a little too seriously

10. The weather. It comes on the news like every 5 minutes. It’s the chosen topic of conversation at awkward holiday parties where you don’t know anyone. Why is this? This doesn’t make sense because the weather is just not that interesting. And…I won’t go outside without first checking the forecast online. This is silly. I should just go outside and take a jacket.

9. Coffee. Register at and see how much money you spend on fancy (cough, cough Starbucks) coffee each month. I did this and it was not pretty. When Hurricane Irene came in September, I drove around for 3.5 hours post-hurricane, looking for a business that was open and making coffee. Putting my life in danger for a bit of bitter-flavored caffeine drink is not okay.

Yep, I make my coffee at home now.

8. Our schedules. Heaven forbid my schedule is thrown off.  My entire day is strictly regimented: I wake up at 6, check my email and eat breakfast at 6:15, run at 6:30, take a shower at 7am, check my email at 7:20am, and on and on. If my schedule is thrown off at all, it’s like my whole day is ruined. I am a little crazy about schedules and I get the feeling many of us have this problem. What if we just let our schedules take a break for a day and let ourselves relax a little bit? I am going to do this on Saturday. Promise. You promise to, too.

7. The Bachelor and the Bachelorette TV shows. Maybe this one is just me. But I am obsessed with this show. That crazy girl Vienna got me hooked three years ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. If Ashley and JP break up, it will feel way too personal.

6. Healthy eating. I get so exhausted by thinking about all the vitamins, antioxidants, organic, non-junk food stuff that I’m supposed to be eating. I just saw a 10 minute clip on the news about how we should all stop eating cereal. Ahhh. I’m just saying—I don’t think eating sugary cereal for breakfast is going to kill me. Lucky Charms are so colorful and bright. They might have a lot of sugar, but they put me in such a good mood when I start my day with their bright marshmallowly goodness. It seems like all the stress we cause ourselves by trying to eat so healthy is going to be the real culprit behind later stress-induced health problems.

5. Work (and ourselves). I was sick this week with a deathly cough and fever. While it probably should have been my first impulse to stay home and get better, it took way too much convincing on Pat’s part. Everyone’s world is not going to stop turning if I stay home when I’m sick. I need to take myself a bit less seriously.

4. Black Friday shopping. People pepper sprayed each other this year. What in the world? Do we all really need big screen TVs so badly that we’d take a can of pepper spray to someone’s face? I just don’t get it. There are good sales, but if we have to risk our safety to go to the outlet malls, it seems like there’s something wrong with this picture.

3. Facebook. I check it like 500 times a day. Half the people that pop up on my newsfeed I haven’t talked to in like 5 years. You’d think that would stop my obsession, but it doesn’t. If there was a Facebook Anonymous support group, I maybe should join. Just think, if we turned off the Facebook website for a week—how much time would we get back?

2. The Kardashians. If I read, see, or hear one more story about Kim and her weight gain (she’s pregnant, of course she’s gaining weight), I’m going to gag. Or Kourtney and Scott; or Khloe doing whatever. Enough. I’m not sure how the Kardashian craze started, but it is too much. Of course I never, ever watch any of the shows…

1. Email. I check my email incessantly. I was writing emails at 5am yesterday. I checked my email at least 15 times on Thanksgiving. That’s 15 too many times. The world is not going to end if we don’t check email every 10 minutes. (I know you’re probably multi-tasking and checking your email right now. Stop.)


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