will running when I’m sick make me sicker? the question of the hour.

What do you think about running when you’re sick? Will I die?

I’ve been sick all week. It’s no fun. P.S. If you’re sick, you should go to the doctor. They might give you some antibiotics and these might make you feel better.

Now that I’ve been on my fancy azithromycin pills for 4 days, I want to run!

But, what if I get a whooping cough? Or pneumonia? Or double pnuemonia in both lungs? Or an ear infection? Or sinusitis? What if my body collapses on the road from exhaustion and I get eaten by deer? Or by the beagle that lives next door?

Hopefully these things won’t happen. I’m just a little bored and feel like I’m going to blow my brains out. And I’m irrational. That’s why I want to go running with an upper respiratory infection.  It’s okay. Don’t worry, I’ll take some Robitussin before I go.

Biscuit says I should run.


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