more amanda cox in my life, please.

I was lucky enough to share a pizza with my dear friend Amanda last night.

She makes me laugh a lot.

When we were teaching together in Rocky Mount, we spent many an evening daydreaming about going to Durham to eat Mellow Mushroom pizza. (Oh, the little things we missed when we first lived in Rocky Mount.) Last night, Amanda was in town from Boston and we happily split a Hawaiian pizza (at Mellow Mushroom of course) and talked about what’s next in life.

So many choices! It’s hard… after finishing the corps (a two-year commitment), it somehow leaves you with the feeling that perhaps every year, or two years, it’s time for a change again. And I can’t say that feeling is bad because change is good; it means growth and learning and new life. At the same time, change is hard and it’s hard to always know what part of our lives we’re supposed to change. What are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to be?

In both Amanda’s case and my own, we’ve collectively moved 7 times in 5 years, held 4 different jobs, gone to grad school once (Amanda), and moved across the country for summer jobs 4 times. This is all in 5 years. Oh, and I got married. And got a dog and a cat. And after all that busyness and moving, a giant part of me screams, “ENOUGH!” Whereas another giant part of me screams, “You’re 26! This is what you’re supposed to be doing! Where are you going to move next? Go see the world!”

So, that’s the dilemma Amanda and I were stuck on as we munched our pizza last night. I’m not sure what to do next, neither is Amanda. We considered the idea of regressing.

What if we both reversed our lives 5 years, moved back to Rocky Mount, taught 2nd and 3rd grade at D.S. Johnson and O.R. Pope, went to San Jose everyday at 3:45pm afterschool to “eat dinner” and talk about how we stood in one place all afternoon, trying to figure out what to do as our children ran circles around us? I’d get to see a whole lot more of Amanda which would make me happy. And I’d get to see and hang out with sweet children everyday.

And, I’d finally get to justify that sticker on my computer that says, “Ask me why I love Rocky Mount.” (I get asked this question at least three times a day to which I always give a different response…my most recent response was, “Because they have a K&W Cafeteria.”)

K&W has the best chicken and dumplings ever. And soft rolls. And jello.

Oh yeah, that’s the last point, if we regressed, we’d get to eat all the K&W, San Jose, El Tapatio, and CookOut we wanted. Such a tough decision. Especially when I think about those peanut butter banana CookOut milkshakes.


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