Today, and this week, I’ve just felt overwhelmed with gratitude.

  • For friends who make me feel loved. Rachel.  Mary. Catie. My amazing sis. Ms. Coley. Amanda. Ms. Evans. Ms. Scott. My bro, Phristy Bowman (“Dad, I’m PHRRR-ISTY”). Graham. Rebecca. Eleanor.  THANK YOU.
  • For my sweet, sweet students whose faces lit up when I saw them today. And yes, Torian (who picked me up during my first year teaching), was one of those students.  I just want to take them with me wherever I go; or move back to Pope?! Those kids have changed my heart forever.

  • For my husband who makes me laugh ALL the time. Who goes for runs in the rain with me. Who supports me no matter what. And who is learning to be a pretty amazing cook.

  • For spending the past 5 years in Eastern North Carolina and meeting so many amazing people who have so changed my life. I thought I joined Teach For America to teach things, but I realized I actually joined to learn about love and people and place and community.
  • For the wonderful teachers I work with who love and care so much about their students. Teaching is so hard and I feel lucky to be surrounded by people so dedicated to seeing their little ones succeed.
  • For sunny days.

  • For music that makes me feel happy no matter what. (Currently listening to Beyonce’s “Love On Top”.)
  • For getting to hang out with the coolest 9th grader for a couple hours every week (love Leesly!!!).
  • For white wine. Yum.
  • And, of course, for the best parents a gal could ask for. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Heart is full of love. Heart is happy.

So happy.


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