Moving Self-Talk

Okay, so yesterday I had a little meltdown. I keep telling myself, “hey girl, anyone who is moving across the country would be feeling a bit overwhelmed…it’s okay, you’re not crazy,”  but yesterday that mantra just wasn’t working its usual magic. I was trying to figure out what had my nerves riding a roller coaster and honestly, I think that I’ve been taking on the stress that others around me are feeling about us moving. Our family is sad/anxious/excited for us – and so are our friends. And as an A+ people pleaser, I hate to see anyone else feeling anything less than happy…so here I am, in the middle of prepping for this move and trying to be superwoman for myself and everyone else.

Well – yesterday was proof that this strategy is not going to get me much of anywhere. Today, I’m back to my list and my new strategy is to ask for help. Deep breath. I hate, hate, hate asking for help but a  smart friend told me once that this is something I need to get better at. So – people in my life, get ready to be asked! Help me!

So, the list…here’s my update from yesterday:

  1. Cancel gym membership at McLeod  (AND – I got $20.09 back for the week we aren’t using this month. Sweet!)
  2. Cancel Duke Power starting 6/30
  3. Cancel water
  4. Go to bank and let them know we’re moving and make deposits
  5. Wash sofa slipcover
  6. Go run errands for Aunt Martha and take pots to the beach for her before we move (doesn’t really have to do with our move, but still on the list for the week…)
  7. Get loveseat to Caitlyn & Russ (hint, hint Caitlyn) partially complete b/c I set up a time with Cait to come pick it up!
  8. Get chairs to Vanity in Charleston I realized I’m just not going to have time to get to Charleston this week, so we decided to leave these at Brenna’s (with the bed for Levi) and they can be picked up. 
  9. Cancel Time Warner cable (but not before US World Cup game on Thursday? Is that the right day?) and return cable box
  10. Contact Levi about selling him and Ashley bed (where should I leave it?)
  11. Change address with USPS
  12. Cancel doctor’s appointment in Florence later in July
  13. Post that we’re going to have a yard sale on Friday
  14. Prepare for yard sale (again…it’s my 3rd yard sale this year!) – I need to do this today (make signs, go get tables from Amanda’s)
  15. Chase down all buyers for stuff I’m selling on the infamous Florence “For Sale, Free, or Wanted” Facebook group – this is like 50 to-do items of it’s own. Florence has it’s own little buying/selling community on Facebook complete with about 3500 rules and a secret code. It’s very interesting… – I have one last meet-up for today and then I’m done. 
  16. Go get TB test at the CVS minute clinic required for SFUSD paperwork
  17. Make copies of SS card, CBEST test results for SFUSD
  18. Figure out what to do about my ELL certification…
  19. Sell all of the following larger items: pink bike, grill w/tool set, chairs @ kitchen table, stool, iPod  – I’m going to sell the chairs and stool at the yard sale tomorrow. No more Craigslist. It’s getting exhausting. 
  20. Meet lady at house today at 5:30pm so she can pick up rug
  21. Let landlords know about hole in wall where we tried to hang mirror (I’m nervous about thisone!)  – They weren’t even mad!
  22. Pack
  23. Pack
  24. Pack I’m very proud of all the packing I did yesterday! I’ve got pretty much everything packed now except for our clothes and toiletries. This was my major accomplishment of yesterday! I’m leaving #25 on the list as undone to account for the clothes. 
  25. Pack
  26. Plan out route for trip
  27. Book hotels for trip that are pet friendly – yes, Biscuit and Socrates are making the trip with us (of course!)
  28. Buy Socrates anti-anxiety cat medicine so he doesn’t freak out when we move
  29. Keep all friends and family calm during moving process – okay, so this isn’t really on my list, but this is real folks! (Hmm…yesterday, it was taking 100% effort to keep  myself calm so I didn’t do a ton on this, but given my earlier note about failing miserably at trying to be superwoman, I’m thinking I should lay off. I want to spend time with my friends and family, but I have to remember – I’m not responsible for anyone’s feelings/happiness but my own. That sounds scary as I say it… I want to untype that sentence. But – I’m going to leave it there as a small token for myself to help me keep grounded.)

Today, my physical (i.e. moving) goals are to prep for the yard sale, pick up those pots for Aunt Martha, go to the bank, go to the water place downtown and cancel it (starting Monday of course), and…meet my last buyer for that crazy Facebook group at the mall at 6:30pm.

And my mental/emotional goals: hang out with friends (I get to see one of my best friends ever this morning! She’s coming to visit – hooray!) and Patty Pat but keep focused on the facts that: 1) I can and should ask for help b/c moving is a lot of work and 2)I’m only responsible for my own feelings. There, spoken like a good little self-therapist, you have it, folks.



2 thoughts on “Moving Self-Talk

  1. Saying a prayer that today will bring more peace than yesterday, and that you will be able to truly believe those wise things you are telling yourself. You are NOT responsible for anyone else’s feelings — and even if you were, there isn’t anything you can do about them! You are unfailingly kind and loving to the people in your life, which is the most anyone can do — and you are among the best at it. I know I probably can’t do much from here, but if there’s anything I CAN do — even if it’s just providing a calm and friendly ear — PLEASE let me know!! Love you.

    • Thanks, Eleanor! You are so sweet and thank you for affirmations! Today has already gotten off to a better start than yesterday – and it’s only 9:08am and I’ve taken care of the first thing on my list for today: disconnecting our water. So – onward! 🙂

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