Feeling Ready

So, I’m headed out from Winston-Salem in the morning. I’m feeling excited and ready.

Pat and I are meeting in Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow at 3pm which means I need to leave here around 8am. He drove there after the bachelor party to spend some extra time with Cameron.  I’ll be driving the Civic packed full to the brim with Biscuit and Socrates both in the front seat (good thing they’re friendly with each other).

Our route – we’re aiming to drive between 9.5 and 10.5 hours per day:

  1. Monday July 7th: Winston-Salem to Nashville, Tennessee to Marion, Illinois. We’ll pick up the U-Haul trailer that we’re going to use to tow my car in Nashville. For the rest of the way, we’re going to drive Pat’s truck and tow my little car behind it. The plan is to sell Pat’s truck when we get to San Francisco.
  2. Tuesday, July 8th: Marion, Illinois to Oakley, Kansas. This could be a pretty boring day – mostly through farmland. On the upside, I’ve never been to Kansas so I’ll have another state to check off my list!
  3. Wednesday, July 9th: Oakley, Kansas to Monticello, Utah. We’re staying at the Inn at the Canyons in Monticello. This is definitely the smallest town we’re staying in and is in the middle of the desert.
  4. Thursday, July 10th: Monticello, Utah to the Grand Canyon to Barstow, California. Pat and I can’t wait to visit the Grand Canyon! This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s finally going to happen. We’ve only allotted about 2 hours to spend here, but hey, we’ve got a destination to get to.
  5. Friday, July 11th: Barstow, California to San Francisco, California. Our final day of driving. This will also be our shortest day of driving because we need to get to Oakland to drop some boxes off with a friend who’s storing them for us – we also need to drop off the U-Haul trailer in Oakland.

The next time I post – I’ll be somewhere along our route! I’m going to try and take lots of pictures and keep you all posted. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any road-tripping tips!



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