Establishing a Saturday Routine

We are getting settled into the city. We’ve created our first Saturday routine which means we’re <somewhat> official. The past two Saturdays, we’ve gone to the Outer Sunset to our favorite coffee shop, Trouble. It’s the most hipster place I’ve ever been so be forewarned. In case you don’t believe me, just check out the website.  There is no menu and to order you basically have to know the secret Trouble language / code. They have a chalkboard sign outside which always says something super cryptic. Today it read, “Thrash or Die.” Go figure.

Anyway, we get two large coffees with lots of brown sugar. Pat likes cream in his, I like soy in mine. We both get the cinnamon toast which is pretty incredible. (I’ve tried recreating it on my own at home many, many times over the past 8 years but it just ain’t happening.)

Just look at that cinnamon coating. The toast itself is about an inch think.

Just look at that cinnamon coating. The toast itself is about an inch think.

After downing our coffee and cinnamon toast, we walk the few blocks to the beach and let Biscuit run around in the sand. He adores the beach.  We also have learned the hard way that when we do this, we need to make sure to bring towels to drape over the seats of my car. Otherwise, we end up with sandy, wet dog remnants everywhere for the next week.

Biscuit will run around in the sand for about 15 minutes and then we walk on the beach. Which, I might call out, is oh-so-different than the beaches I’m familiar with on the East Coast:

  1. The water never seems to get warm.
  2. There are giant rock cliffs everywhere you look.
  3. The width of the beach doesn’t really seem to change; on the East Coast, depending on the status of the tide, you might have 10 feet of beach or 100. Here, it’s always about the same.
  4. The sand itself here is much darker.
  5. And, specifically if you’re at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, it’s pretty much always cold and foggy. So, forget your bikini – make sure to bring your hoodie instead.

After our beach time, we then head over to Golden Gate Park and go for a short run. Today, we discovered Stow Lake. This is one of my new favorite places in the city. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Yep, that's me. Sitting on a giant stump on a hill in the middle of Stow Lake. Oh, and there's Biscuit, too.

Yep, that’s me. Sitting on a giant stump on a hill in the middle of Stow Lake. Oh, and there’s Biscuit, too.

So, there you have it. We’re establishing routines &  getting ourselves in order.

I’m feeling a little nervous these days about finding a longer-team lease once our short-term one is up. We can stay here through the end of September. I love our apartment so much, I wish we could stay here forever, but unfortunately, it’s a 3 month deal. Keep your fingers and toes crossed! The hardest thing seems to be finding a place that is pet-friendly (ugh!). And, no, I can’t just “get rid of” my pets! Little Socky and Bisky are my family. I can’t just throw them out!

We’re off to dinner tonight at a little French restaurant in Cole Valley (the neighborhood at the top of our list in our apartment search) called Zazie. Their brunch menu looks especially fabulous, but it’s our month-a-versary so we have date night planned (we go out the 19th of every month because we got married June 19, 2010).

Who knows, if it’s really good, maybe we’ll go back for brunch tomorrow.


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