Adventure of the Week: uTOEpia

I thought it’d be fun to write a weekly post detailing a new restaurant, park, or experience in the city. It’s also a sneaky (or probably not so sneaky, actually) way to hold myself accountable to getting out of my apartment and exploring on a weekly basis.

I’m sure for our first months in San Francisco, we’ll be experiencing  new things frequently – so I’m going to choose one of those to share with you each week.

This week, I cannot wait to tell you about the experience I had at uTOEpia.

My friend, Morinne, and I had planned to get together on Tuesday afternoon for coffee/tea. Monday night, she texted and asked if I was up for a pedicure and/or foot massage. Was I up for a pedicure and/or foot massage?? OF COURSE. Getting a pedicure is one of my favorite things to do and the foot massage is my absolute favorite part of the pedicure. She quickly made an appointment for us (I was impressed she was able to do this because it was 9:30pm – but they’re open til 10pm every night) and I went to bed giddy for the promised foot massage to come.

uTOEpia was unlike any other salon I’ve been to. First of all, it was incredibly quiet. The salon I frequented in South Carolina  had pop music blaring, the TV going, and multiple people on their cell phones. Not this place. No cell phone use is allowed (thank goodness!) and there were no electronics in sight. The clients all spoke in whispers as to keep the peace. It was a wonderful change of pace from the busyness of the past few weeks.

Morinne and I were led to the back of the salon (right on time with our appointment!) and seated in two huge, comfy chairs that were hidden behind curtains made of flowy fabrics in light orange and brown tones.

UTOEpia's comfy chairs were the best.

uTOEpia’s comfy chairs were the best.

Two tubs of warm water were brought out for us to each soak our feet in and we were promptly asked if we’d like water or tea. I opted for tea. The tea came with these deliciously crunchy Japanese coconut wafers.

After about 10 minutes of soaking our feet in the tubs, our massage therapists arrived. So here’s the moment where I realized this was just a massage – no pedicure. But like I said, the foot massage is my favorite part of the pedicure, so I was actually super pumped.

The next 60 minutes (you read that right, 60 minutes of massage for only $41) were pure bliss. My feet and calves were treated to a thorough massage for the first 30 minutes. Then, the chairs folded all the way back and the massage therapists turned to our back and neck for the next 30 minutes. This was just what I needed after all the running around of the past week.

uTOEpia, is hands down, a new favorite place of mine in the city. Any place where I can get a full hour massage for 41 dollars has my loyalty. I can’t wait to go back again – and to try their pedicure/manicure services!

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