Settling into September

It’s been a bit busy over the past few weeks. You know, doing things like – moving & starting a new job within 2 days of each other – no biggie.

So, I’m going to try and give a quick rundown to cover my bases. Here. We. Go.

  • We moved to our final resting place in SF. We found the cutest, coziest, airiest little corner spot in a neighborhood called Cole Valley.
    Yep. That's our place. It's small but it's home.

    This is our place. It’s small but it’s home. (P.S. You can tell we’re still mid-setup at this point with the ladder in the background.)

    Eating nook.

    Eating nook.

    My favorite spot.

    My favorite spot.

    Cozy loveseat.

    Cozy loveseat.

  • I’ve started my new job as a K-1 teacher at San Francisco Community School. I am in love with my job and my kids. I genuinely look forward to my job everyday. It’s aahh-maz-ing.
    A little note I got my first week.

    A little note I got my first week.

    The sweetest ever.

    The sweetest ever.

  • We’ve taken about 7500 75 shopping trips to Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond, thrift stores, antique stores, and Target to establish our life post-South Carolina in our new apartment. We didn’t bring any furniture with us to SF so we had quite a bit of shopping to do.
  • There has been a good amount of exploring new restaurants and bars. Here are a smattering of my favorites so far:
    • Destino – Latin American food in Hayes Valley with many tasty offerings.  Our favorite was the arepa con rope vieja – slow braised pork with queso fresco.
    • Padrecito – The best chicken mole enchiladas I’ve ever tasted & it’s only 2 blocks from our house.
    • The Ice Cream Bar – The ice cream is made daily – my favorite flavors are the milk chocolate and the Morello cherry. It’s one block from our house. This one could be a problem.
    • The Alembic – They have a super fun / dangerous “beer and a shot” menu.
    • Buckeye Bar – A dive bar with skeeball. A dream come true.
    • Southern Pacific Brewing Company – A giant converted warehouse in the Mission buzzing with energy and beer, of course.
    • InoVino – The coziest little place I’ve been to in the city. We split a bottle of wine and a proscuitto and cheese plate. Heaven.
  • We’re making new friends! My best case scenario in the friends department would be for my friends from South Carolina to move here (hint hint!) because I’m missing them so much. If that can’t happen in the immediate future, my next best case scenario is that we find friends here to hang with and – hooray / sigh of relief – it’s happening!

    Our new friends Gabby and David that Pat met through work. They just moved here in June so it's perfect timing.

    Our new friends Gabby and David that Pat met through work. They just moved here in June so it’s perfect timing.

  • Socrates and Biscuit have been troopers through all of the change. Biscuit is loving trips to the beach and the park – I think he’s actually lost a little bit of weight since we moved here because we’re generally a lot more active with him now. Poor guy, we took him on a hike with us one weekend to nearby Mt. Tam and we ended up doing about 7 miles. He was limping for about 3 days afterwards – I felt so bad!

    Biscuit taking a little hiking break.

    Biscuit taking a little hiking break.

Oh, and generally speaking, I can’t forget to share that over the past month, people look at me like I’m an alien when I tell them I’m from South Carolina. It’s entertaining and simultaneously a bit odd. Often folks think that North Carolina and South Carolina are the same place and/or interchangeable. WHAT?! That is a super ridiculous concept for this girl.  Super weird.

So – we’ve been all over the place this past month. My mind has also been all over the place which I’m sure should come as no surprise given all the change happening.

And yes, I acknowledge that even this post itself is a little all over the place.

So – that’s the update folks. Next time, I’m going to put forth more effort to concise-ify myself. There’s just so much happening! It’s hard!! OK?

The end. Bye now.






3 thoughts on “Settling into September

  1. Hey, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about your relocation adventures and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you want to accept and share this, you can read more about it here

    • Thanks so much, Hayley! I accept your nomination and am excited that you thought of me! I’m going to post my Liebster Award post this evening when I get home from school with my K-1 kiddies! Thanks again for the kind thoughts! 🙂

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