Liebster Award


Liebster Award


Guess what, friends? I was nominated for the Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is an award that bloggers can pass on to other bloggers as a way to help promote new blogs and readership. Hayley, from Molto Molto, nominated me last weekend and I’m just now getting around to accepting and posting in return. Thanks, Hayley, for your thoughtfulness in selecting my blog to feature! In return for receiving the award, I’m asked to answer 10 questions and then nominate several more blogs that I enjoy reading.

Here goes.

1. Why do you blog?

In my second year of teaching (2008), I had an idea that one day I’d be a memoir / food writer. My favorite authors are Ruth Reichl and Nora Ephron and I hoped to be able to write in a mishmash of their footsteps. I started this blog as an informal way to practice and share my writing. Over the years, my blog has transformed in purposes – currently, I blog because I enjoy writing and I want to document our experience moving from South Carolina to San Francisco.

2. Why do you live where you live?

Pat and I just wanted to live in San Francisco… so we moved here. So often, I feel like I should have a more demanding reason, like “for a job,” or “to take care of family,” etc. But nope, we just love this city and wanted to be here and made it happen. I had a summer internship in San Francisco in 2006 and fell in love with the city. Ever since, I’ve  always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to move back.

3. What is the most interesting thing you’ve done today?

Well, it’s 6:43am on a Saturday and I’m blogging. That is probably a bit interesting because I imagine most people my age are sleeping in still. So it goes when you’re a teacher and your body is programmed to wake up at 5:45am everyday.

4. If you were to complete a ‘do something every day for one month/three months/one year’ challenge, what would you do?

Yoga. I’ve only done a few classes over the past ten years (mainly because I’ve never lived anywhere with a studio until now) but I think it’d be really transforming for my body and mind. As an introvert, when I’m stressed / angry / sad, I tend to bottle that up and it seems like yoga would be a super healthy way for me to unwind mentally and emotionally each day.

5. What is your favorite news website?

I mostly watch the news on TV – but I’d have to say the Huffington Post.

6. If you had to audition for American idol, what would you sing?

This is such an interesting question because I can’t possibly imagine auditioning for American Idol. If I was forced to audition, I’d sing – I really don’t know. Ahhh… all I can think of are Disney songs and if I cranked out one of those, there is no doubt I’d end up on one of the blooper cuts.

7. What has been your best travel experience?

Pat and I traveled to the Amalfi Coast in 2011 and it has been my favorite trip to date. We traveled to Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Castellamare di Stabia, Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello, and the isle of Capri. We were there for about 10 days. My most memorable parts of the trip are climbing Mount Vesuvius and looking down into the volcano and seeing smoke rising; visiting the ruins at Pompeii; the amazing seaside views from the coast at Praiano; pretty much every meal we ate; and everything about the isle of Capri. Honestly, the whole trip was amazing – it’s so hard to pick a best experience or favorite part.

8. If you had one day to spend in any city, which would it be and what would you do?

This is a hard one. Hmm…. so many options. I’m a little overwhelmed. If you’re reading this, what would your choice be? Recommendations?

9. What do you think is the most over-hyped destination?

Las Vegas. I cannot stand Las Vegas! Again, I’m an introvert, so all night partying and lots of noise and lights just isn’t my thing. I’ve been to Vegas several times for work and every time, I cannot wait to get back on the plane to go back home.

10. What is a random fact about yourself?

I took ballet lessons for a few years when I was really young and I learned that I can pretty much turn my feet around  backwards and then proceed to walk forwards. You have to see it to believe it. So – if you’re thinking of coming to visit us, here’s your newest incentive – you get to see Ramsey walk with her feet backwards. What could be better?

There you have it – my questions are answered and I am on the way to being Liebster Awarded. Thanks again, Hayley for the thought and the nomination!


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