Well….We’re having a baby!

I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog because – on October 5th – we found out we are going to be expecting a little one in June 2015. I’m going to be a mom! We didn’t want to tell anyone until we neared the end of the first trimester; as a result, this meant I definitely couldn’t blog about it – but it also felt odd to blog and not be able to blabber on about such a new and significant change in our lives! So, I just took a break from blogging and decided I’d resume once our news was out in the open.

So, here we are, almost 13 weeks in.  Pat and I are both very excited even though our little one was a big surprise for us! We were both in shock for the first couple of weeks after we found out. We were so shocked in fact that we went to the urgent care as soon as I took the home test to get everything confirmed (who goes to the urgent care to take a pregnancy test? – apparently, we do!). Anyway, an hour later, voila, we found out that, we were, in fact, going to be parents.  (We also received a discharge note from the urgent care saying that my diagnosis was “pregnancy” and “if symptoms did not disappear within 3 days” to come back for more treatment. Bahahaha…)

I was pretty sick for weeks 5 – 9 and then finally, around week 10, I started feeling better. I’m almost to week 13 now and finally having more good days than bad – but I still feel a bit sick at times (mostly at night which seems the opposite of “morning sickness”). The second trimester is supposed to be the promised season of feeling good – and I can’t wait (only 8 days now and I’m there).

While I never quite imagined that I’d be using this blog to document the journey of growing our family so soon –  I’m excited to keep a bit of a record for how things progress as we move towards June. And, I’m terribly excited we’re growing our family and can’t imagine keeping this all to myself.

I’ll try and post an update each week to keep you in the loop.

How far along?  12 weeks 5 days

Total weight gain/loss:  3 pounds. Depending on your perspective, it may sound low (or some women lose a lot of weight in the 1st trimester from intense sickness), but my doctor says this looks great. She’d like me to stay between 25 – 35 pounds total weight gain during the pregnancy.

Maternity clothes?  I’ve got a GREAT pair of maternity jeans from the Gap. They are great for my size now because I definitely don’t have a pronounced baby bump yet, but they are super stretchy and comfortable as my abdomen feels really sensitive and a bit bloated all the time now.

Stretch marks: Not yet.

Sleep: I’m so tired all the time! I’ve always been an “early to bed, early to rise” girl, but now I’m routinely in bed  by 7:30pm. I’m hopeful that I will start to regain a bit of energy in the 2nd trimester.

Best moments this week: Last Monday,  we went for our first big ultrasound at California Pacific Medical Center. We got to see baby moving all around (it was like baby was a little gymnast in there!) and even got a few great pics to take home of the baby with legs stretched all the way out. We also got to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time (163). The weekend was pretty awesome, too. Since I’m finally getting my appetite back, we ventured out to Trouble on Saturday morning for my favorite cinnamon toast and then to Park Chow for dinner that night. I also went on a slow run / walk on Sunday which was particularly nice because I’ve felt too sick to exercise for the past few months.

Miss anything? Having a normal appetite. It’s been a bit frustrating at times to feel hungry, but then feel sick immediately after eating something. I am hoping my appetite will start to pick up and stomach will settle down.

Movement: Haven’t felt baby move yet! We’ve seen baby move though – so I know baby is one active little person!

Food cravings: Lots of ice water (lots of ice in general) and plain bagels  (because they’re easy on my stomach).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes. I can’t even think about it long enough to type things right now – even trying to make a list will make me feel sick.

Have you started to show yet? Nope. I might look like I have eaten one too many doughnuts around my mid-section, but there isn’t a bump there yet and I’ve only gained 3 pounds – so there’s really not much to see yet.

Happy or moody: Mostly happy. And admittedly, somewhat moody! My hormones (like all pregnant ladies’) are all over the place, so it’s left me feeling a bit like a roller coaster at times. Pat and I are trying to make some pretty big decisions as we prepare for our little one, too.

Looking forward to: Christmas break! Hallelujah! We are flying out to North Carolina on the 21st and will be there until the 30th. I haven’t been home since we moved and I am ready to see my family and just rest and relax for a few weeks! I am counting down the days / hours / minutes.

I don’t have any “bump” photos yet, but will start posting some once I actually begin showing. Thanks for following us along on our crazy baby journey!  We’re pretty pumped.

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