14 weeks

It’s Christmas break! It’s Christmas break! And that means I have time to update you on our little baby’s progress. Pat and I are packing the day away today and then we’re on an early morning flight (6am early!) to North Carolina tomorrow.

How far along?  14 weeks 3 days (officially in the 2nd trimester now!)

Total weight gain/loss:  Still the same as my last post: 3 pounds. Even though I haven’t gained any more weight, my appetite is definitely back which is good!

Maternity clothes?  Yes. I finally have a teeny baby bump and my regular jeans aren’t cutting it.  I’m still loving my Gap maternity jeans and I’m really loving my two BellyBands that I ordered online. They are a miracle! Basically, they allow you to wear your regular jeans unbuttoned with a little cover up so that no one will know! They’re supposed to make your pre-pregnancy jeans last through the whole pregnancy. I’m not sure if they’ll last me that long (depending on how big I get, I suppose), but hoping they last for a good while!

Sleep: I’m recovering from feeling so tired. It feels so good not to be drained all day long! I also have been sick with a sinus infection, so I stayed home for a day this week to rest and my doctor gave me some antibiotics – so I’m feeling much better.  The biggest challenge for me is taking time to rest (even when I don’t feel tired) because I’m naturally such a “go, go, go” personality. I’m trying to remember it’s me and baby I’m taking care of though, so I need to chill out and sit my bum down sometimes!

Best moments this week: This week was my last week with my students before winter break. We’ve been working for the past two months on a big project about states of matter and we finally wrapped up this week with a school-wide presentation about what we’ve learned. I’ve been pretty stressed about it (to be honest), but afterwards, I felt so proud of my kids and all they’ve learned. It’s not everyday that a kindergarten student can explain what it means for a liquid to be viscous! Pat and I also celebrated 4.5 years of marriage last night and went out for dinner at a restaurant in San Francisco called Mozzeria which is one of the only deaf-owned and operated restaurants in the country. First, the food was AMAZING. We traveled to Italy (the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Naples) in 2011 and I haven’t had pizza like we had there again – until last night! Second, it was a neat experience to have all deaf waitstaff. Our waitress was super friendly and we wrote notes back and forth to each other (I’m always that person with questions about the menu).

Miss anything? Okay, this one is incredibly ironic because I hated any and all cheese for the first 21 years of my life…but I really miss those soft cheeses. When I was 22 / 23, I developed a taste for cheese and I love a good brie or blue.  I’m not supposed to have soft cheeses now and it feels like every time we go out, there’s always a cheese plate appetizer on the menu that I’m dying to have – but have to pass.

Movement: Haven’t felt baby move yet! We’ve seen baby move though – so I know baby is one active little person!

Food cravings: Not really. I’m not sure how intense a desire has to be to qualify as a food craving. I’m assuming I’ll recognize it when it happens.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I am feeling so much better – so I haven’t had much queasiness for the past two weeks. I even walked by an open-air fish market in the Mission yesterday and was totally fine. I considered this a small miracle.

Have you started to show yet? I don’t know if others can see anything different, but when I’m home in my PJs (usually long tights and a t-shirt), you can definitely see a little bump there. I am excited for that lil’ bump to get bigger!

Happy or moody: Feeling so happy! We are flying out in t-22.5 hours to North Carolina for Christmas break. I can’t wait. And I’m so glad my appetite is back because there are some NC foods I really miss (umm…Bojangles)

Looking forward to: Christmas break. Showing! Seeing baby again at our next ultrasound in mid-January (we’ll find out the gender)! Eating Christmas foods at home – and my mom’s cooking. Bojangles. Chick-fil-A. Bagel Station. All the Christmas things basically. Seeing my family – this is the longest it’s ever been without me seeing my immediate family (dad, mom, brother, sister) in my whole life!


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