18 Weeks

How far along?  18 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss:  8 pounds. I’m at 118. Although, from here on out, Pat wants me to only track my weight at monthly doctor’s appointments. I think this is probably best – I don’t want to be too obsessive about the weight that I’m gaining. Instead, I just want to focus on that baby needs to be healthy and that means a healthy momma – and that means putting on that 25 – 35 pounds my doctor recommended.

Maternity clothes?  Definitely maternity pants – jeans from Gap, leggings from H&M, and my sister got me some comfy yoga pants from Old Navy. As for tops though, that it still hard. Honestly, I feel like a lot of maternity tops look a bit frumpy on me right now – too big or super plain and boring… I don’t know how to explain it, I’m just not finding stuff I love really. So, I’m mostly wearing regular tops and just going up a size from what I normally wear. I’m sure when I get further along, I’ll be living in maternity wear – but for now, I’m just going to chill in my normal tops until they get too – ahem – tight in the belly.

Sleep: This still hasn’t been a problem for me! I definitely shift around a lot at night – rolling from my right side to my left and then on my back some, but overall, I’m sleeping at least 9 hours a night. I’ve always been an “early to bed, early to rise” girl so going to bed isn’t a problem for me.

Best moments this week: It feels like the weeks are flying by! At the end of each week, it feels like I can barely even remember what happened. Honestly, something that was hugely amazing for me this week was that I wasn’t having headaches. I’ve been having a lot of headaches that will start mid-afternoon, continue into the evening, and then sometimes I’ll wake up with them. I think it’s been because of stress and/or dehydration and/or congestion. Whatever the case, this week, I didn’t have them later in the week. I definitely was feeling less stressed at work and I’ve been trying to drink at least 60 oz. of water during the day. I hadn’t been drinking enough because teachers don’t generally get bathroom breaks –  so drinking a lot of water can be problematic when you aren’t able to go to the bathroom…

Miss anything? Nope.

Movement: Yes!  I can mostly feel little one when I’m laying down at night right before bed. It feels like little kernels of popcorn popping inside me. I can’t wait until the movements are stronger and Pat can feel them!

Food cravings: Again, not really! I continue to have 1 or 2 foods each day though that I probably wouldn’t have had in the past. But, I’m definitely doing this in moderation. Think, 1 mini-size bag of Cheetos at lunch.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. Thank goodness!

Have you started to show yet? Yes! I have been trying to hide my bump at work, but this week, I kind of started to feel over it. Like – I’m pregnant, my stomach is popping out, here I am. So, this week, I kind of just let go of trying to keep covered up.  Here’s a picture from yesterday (18 weeks 3 days):


Happy or moody: I mentioned this a bit earlier, but I have been a bit stressed. We are going through a lot of change right now to prepare for Baby M and change is always a bit hard. The good news is that things are starting to get resolved and as we get decisions made and things crossed off our list, I feel better.  Pat has been amazing throughout everything though! He has been so calm and collected and when I have my weekly meltdown about who knows what (this week – it started with my hair cut that I didn’t like, then went to feeling “big” and pregnant, and then to how I was stressed at work), he is so patient and reassuring that it’s all going to be okay and that I am beautiful and healthy no matter how I’m feeling. I feel so lucky to be with Pat. He is one good guy.

Looking forward to: As we speak, I’m lounging on the couch, catching up on the Bachelor and loving that we’re having a three-day weekend. On Tuesday, we get to find out if we’re having a little boy or girl and we can’t wait.  We also haven’t seen the baby (on ultrasound, of course) since December 1 and it’s been too long – I miss seeing that little one.


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