We’re in North Carolina and We’re 25 Weeks Along!

How far along?  25 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain/loss:  17 pounds. I’m at 127 – and yes, that weight was taken at the doctor yesterday (at my new doctor in North Carolina). She also said my blood pressure looks good; I don’t understand as much about these numbers, but if you’re interested, it was 118 / 74. So, all in all, she said everything looks good and keep doing what I’m doing.

Maternity clothes?  Yes, exclusively.  Especially since I packed all my non-maternity / out-of-season clothes into the boxes that are now living on a moving truck somewhere in mid-America. My fav maternity item of the week are these super soft and comfy pants from the Gap I bought right before we left SF.  Check ’em out – and no, I definitely do not wear pointy heels with them like the ridiculous-looking model in this picture.  I do love wearing my regular old t-shirts,  though. Whereas they used to look baggy, they now look like a belly shirt and it’s kind of fun / funny. Don’t worry, I only do this around the house.

Sleep: My sleep is has been out of whack the past week. Between anxiety that comes with moving across the country, a 3 – hour time zone change, a new bed to adjust to – it has been a rough week in terms of sleep. The past two nights have finally been a bit better as my body started to acclimate to the time change. I slept about 7 – 8 hours on Monday night and last night <drum roll>, I slept for 10 hours! Woohoo!

Best moments this week:  This week has been a blur. I don’t even know where to start with a best, worst, or in-between moment to tell you about. I can name moments that happened though, so I’m going to go with that option:

  • We packed all our things in SF and movers came to pick it up last Wednesday.
"Where'd all our stuff go, Mom? I guess I'll just have to curl up in Socky's cat bed." - Biscuit

“Where’d all our stuff go, Mom? I guess I’ll just have to curl up in Socky’s cat bed.” – Biscuit

  • Cameron, Pat’s brother, flew into SF on Wednesday night.
  • On Thursday morning, I boarded a one-way flight from SFO  to Charlotte with Socky in tow. I was super nervous about how he’d do on the airplane, but he was just fine. My parents picked me up in CLT (despite the 8 inches of snow they’d just had in NC) on Thursday night and drove me and Socky back to Winston-Salem.
Socky, Mommy, and Baby waiting in line at SFO to get through security. What a Kodak moment!

Socky, Mommy, and Baby waiting in line at SFO to get through security. What a Kodak moment!

  • Pat and his brother left SF for the cross-country drive back to NC on Friday morning. They completed the drive in only 4 days with nightly stops in Tucson, AZ; Abilene, TX; and Nashville, TN (where Cameron lives).
  • I bought a new family-ish car for us on Saturday (a Mini Cooper Countryman)! We’re excited about the new car; I was less-than-thrilled with the 6.5 hours I spent at the dealership.
  • Pat made it to Winston-Salem on Monday afternoon with Biscuit.
  • We had our first pre-natal appointment with our new doctor here yesterday – which, finally, brings me to today.

Phew! Thanks for sticking that out with me – it was a long week. Needless to say, I am one exhausted (!!!!) girl / pregnant lady.  Bring on the couch time and the reality TV.

Miss anything? Well – this isn’t directly related to being pregnant, but I have missed SF this week. It’s less that I miss the city itself and more that I miss the coziness of the routines that Pat and I had settled into over the past months. Moving is always a bit disorienting and especially this time around, with so much change happening at once (you know, leaving my job, having a baby, not sure where we’re going to live yet…), it’s been a bit harder than usual. I know once we start to settle into a routine here, it will get better – it’s just been so much, so fast!

Movement: All – the – time. Little guy is quite the mover and shaker. I used to feel him mainly in the mornings and in night when I was laying in bed, but now I’ll feel him throughout the day, too.

Food cravings: Not really. I’ve been too distracted this week to think much about food. It’s been more of a “eat what I’m given” type of week. My mom is an amazing cook and so I’ve been more than happy to eat her homemade meals! She made an amazing pot roast on Sunday and red beans & rice (one of my favorites!) on Monday night.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No (sigh of relief).

Have you started to show yet? Yes. This question will continue to get a “resounding” yes over the next 3 months.

Happy or moody:  Not moody, but not smiley either. I have been very up-and-down the past week in an unpredictable way. One minute, I’m completely fine and the next, I’m crying. It has been one of the most emotional weeks since we first found out we were expecting in October. This week felt like one big swirling hurricane of emotion.  Again, I know this is completely normal (or so I’m telling myself) given the changes of the past week (and over the past few months generally), but it still feels tough in the moment.

Looking forward to: Getting some routine established in NC. I know myself and I know I thrive off of routine. So, the quicker we get some routines established – the better and more at home I think I’ll feel. I’m also looking forward to getting ready for baby in a more concrete way than we have over the past few months. Since we knew we were moving, we really didn’t buy anything for the baby and thus still have pretty much zilch at this point. We have a few onesies and that’s it. I’m excited to start putting together some things for Baby M to make sure we have what we need when he arrives! (And now, here’s a shameless plug for Baby M’s registry on Amazon.com – here you go!) We are also getting signed up for a birthing class, a parenting class, a breastfeeding class (sorry if that’s TMI), and pre-natal yoga! Bring it on, Baby!

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One thought on “We’re in North Carolina and We’re 25 Weeks Along!

  1. Mmmm your mom’s read beans and rice is the best!! I’m so glad everyone made it to NC safely, but I totally understand being emotional after such a huge move like that. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything settles down (and you get to watch lots of reality TV, haha). Hope to see you soon! Love you!

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