31 + 32 Weeks

How far along? 32.5 weeks along. It feels like Baby is going to be here before we know it! I have definitely been nesting for him. I washed all of his size newborn – 3 month clothes over the past few days and have them all folded and put away. Now we just need to pick out the outfit that he’ll wear home from the hospital.

Total weight gain? I’m at 134; I’ve gained 24 pounds. I feel good about this because the doctor told me that I should gain 25 – 35 pounds total, so I’m right on track. The doctor says baby is growing well and everything looks good. My blood pressure continues to be low – it was 98/70 at our appointment last week.

Maternity clothes? Yes. Although, 80% of the time I’ve just been wearing t-shirts and shorts in big sizes. It’s a lot more comfy at this point. On the occasion that Pat and I go out to dinner, I’ll put on a “real” outfit with maternity clothes (mostly jeans and tops w/a few dresses mixed in). My mom gave me a comfy maxi dress recently that’s perfect for doubling for nursing and maternity.

Sleep? I’ve been sleeping pretty well. The body pillow works wonders – the only annoying thing is when I feel like I have to wrestle with it to change positions.

Best moments this week? My Aunt Martha and two of my mom’s closest friends, Brantley and Sandra threw a baby shower for us on Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of family friends from Winston-Salem there as well as some family.  I was so touched that some of my family made the trip from quite the distance (my Aunt Martha drove from Atlanta, my Aunt Sarah from Asheville, and my cousin Ann from Charlotte).

The women on my mom's side of the family (from L to R: my Aunt Martha, Me, My sister (Mary Kate), my Aunt Sarah, and my mom)

The women on my mom’s side of the family (from L to R: my Aunt Martha, Me, My sister (Mary Kate), my Aunt Sarah, and my mom)

One of my best friends from growing up, Biby, also made it over even though she has a 2 week old newborn at home! I was very impressed. I am not sure if we’ll be able to make it out anywhere for the first month after Baby makes his arrival.

The shower was simple and special. My Aunt Martha brought a delicious chocolate cake decorated with “It’s a Boy” flags. So cute! Baby made off with a ton of gear from this shower. We just need to pull together our diaper stockpile (and a few other odds and ends like baby tylenol) and we may <insert extreme tone of caution here> be ready for Baby.

Here are some of Baby’s favorite gifts from the shower:

Baby is going to love going on a stroll to the park in his new stroller from Grandma and Grandpa Bowman! (www.babyjogger.com)


Baby is going to be so cozy in these sweet swaddle blankets from his Aunt Sarah (who’s now going to be a great Aunt!). (www.adenandanais.com)


Pat and I can’t wait to wear Baby around with this Boba wrap from Baby’s Aunt Mary Kate and Uncle Colin! And no, this isn’t me of course (or Baby), but I thought this duo looked happy and provides a good model for how happy I hope Baby and I will be when we go on walks together. (www.boba.com)


Baby also made off with a ton of books to add to his growing collection including: Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, Love You Forever, a book of Shel Silverstein poetry, and this gem of hilarity called The Boss Baby. If you are a parent to a baby or an about-to-be parent, this book is too funny for words! (www.amazon.com)

Baby also received some awesome Burt’s Bees Baby products – this shampoo and wash and lotions. This is little boy is going to come into the world using some fancy-schmancy products! (www.burtsbees.com)


Burt’s Bees swaddle blankets are so soft and have cute little buzzing bees! (www.burtsbees.com)

Baby also received a ton of clothes, more swaddle blankets, baby towels and washclothes (all are so soft), a sweet little elephant lovey, a BabyBjorn bouncer (do they make these in adult sizes by chance??), a Graco Pack n’ Play, and a few different sleep sacks (or some people call them wearable blankets – again, whatever they are, can I have one now??).

Needless to say, me and Baby feel very loved and spoiled by all of the love and attention that has been poured on us these past few weeks with Eleanor’s shower last week and Brantley, Sandra, and Aunt Martha’s shower this past week. So much love for Baby! Now, the waiting just continues for him to get here!

Miss anything? Getting into a comfortable position with ease. I’ve found that the most comfortable sitting position is when I’m sitting as straight as possible with my back resting up against something (so think scooted up all the way against the back of the sofa). I also have found my belly bumping into things which is a bit funny. I’ve always been very slight and able to fit into tight spots; now, I’m finding when I get in the car, for example, my belly will bump the steering wheel if I’m not careful. These moments don’t really bother me, they just make me giggle a little.

Movement? Yes – all the time! He is definitely getting big in there because all of his movements now feel like slow shifting of his legs and arms into different positions. There will be an occasional kick or punch mixed in there, but mostly it feels like he’s just rolling around and trying to get comfortable in his little apartment.

Food cravings? I’m on a fruit kick! Last time I wrote, it was strawberries – this week, it’s been canteloupe and frozen grapes. Frozen grapes are the best! I’ve never done this before, but I’ve gotten into a habit of buying a big bag of grapes and then packing them into individual Ziploc bags to freeze. At night, there’s nothing better than eating a bag of those frozen grapes – they satisfy sweet cravings and are like mini popsicles (but without all the artificial gunk).

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not regularly. Sometimes something will smell really strong to me and that will make me feel a bit queasy. Yesterday, we were at a coffee shop and the smell of roasting beans was getting to me.

Have you started to show yet? Yes.

Happy or moody? Happy! It’s been fun to get things set up in Baby’s room and to do a bit of nesting. We also have gotten a lot of things checked off our Baby prep list that have felt important to me (hospital tour – check, birthing classes – check, doula hired – check, baby’s clothes, swaddle blankets, crib sheets, and cradle sheets washed and put away – check). I haven’t packed our hospital bag yet, but I’ve made a list so all we really need to do is just the grab the stuff and put it in a bag and we’re set!

I do feel a little on edge at times about the prospect of Baby coming early (I came at 34 weeks and that’s only 2 weeks away!), but I know that most first babies come late – so who knows? I guess all I can do is just wait and see.

Looking forward to? Pending our next doctor’s appointment (next Wednesday), we might be heading down to spend a little time at the beach. I would be SO happy for this because the oh-so calming and beautiful South Carolina beaches are one thing that I really, really missed when we were living in California. I’m also just happy to be getting nearer to the time that Baby will finally arrive. It feels like we’ve been getting ready for for-ev-er and I am ready to hold our little guy!


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