“It’s Time To Get This Baby Out of Me” Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks and 4 days. We had an ultrasound last Friday and Baby weighed in at 6 pounds and had a full head of hair! He also was sucking his thumb the whole time. He’s a really real Baby in there. Now we just can’t wait to meet him on the outside!

Total weight gain? 24 pounds; I’m at 134. My weight continues to flat line a bit this month – I’m just not able to eat a ton without that darn heartburn flaring up! I’ve also been walking a ton which I’ve been proud of (27 miles last week!); admittedly though, I think I need to start taking it a bit easier because I have had a hard time staying hydrated and it’s only getting hotter from here on out! We’ve had several 90 degree days already this week. My blood pressure is still smooth – my heart was pumping at a rate of 110/70 this morning at the doctor.

Maternity clothes? We went shopping this weekend at the J. Crew outlet in Blowing Rock and I was a little annoyed at several saleswomen who stared at me awkwardly as I was perusing shirts like, “Hey lady, you know you’re pregnant right – and this AIN’T maternity!” Well, I will have those ladies know – J. Crew non-maternity shirts have been some of my favorite to wear through this pregnancy! They are super soft and cut a bit on the baggy / long side. I bought two shirts over the weekend that fit me now at 9 months pregnant and were a size small – thank you very much! I also got a bargain – one of my tees was only $4.98! Win, win!

Sleep? It really just depends on the day. Sometimes Baby positions himself in a way that makes it a bit hard to breathe no matter which side I’m laying on. He’s squishing up my lungs! Come on, Baby, move on over and make some room for your momma’s insides!

Best moments this week? It’s been 3 weeks since my last post – so, I’m going to have to name a few. I think our ultrasound last Friday tops the list – I couldn’t believe that Baby already has a full head of hair and was sucking his thumb. It makes me feel so, so excited to see him on the outside! We also had a lovely baby shower this past Sunday that was hosted by Pat’s Aunt Mary, Aunt Debra, and his cousin, Molly. It was in Valdese, NC where the majority of Pat’s family lives. Here are a few pictures from the shower!

Pat and I with the wonderful planners and hostesses of the shower! (From L to R: Molly, Aunt Mary, me, Pat, and Aunt Debra)

Pat and I with the wonderful planners and hostesses of the shower! (From L to R: Molly, Aunt Mary, me, Pat, and Aunt Debra)

I'm a "Mom To Be" - YIPPEE!

I’m a “Mom To Be” – YIPPEE!

Isn't my "Mom-To-Be" pin lovely? The guy on the left is pretty spectacular, too!

 This guy on the left is pretty spectacular!

Finally, my last favorite thing from the past few weeks has been watching Pat get ready to be a dad! Last Sunday (at 36 weeks), we spent the afternoon just hanging in the Baby’s nursery. I worked on the Baby’s stocking (I’ve been cross-stitching it since January) and Pat put up this sweet little tree on the wall.

Pat putting up the tree with a little peek at my cross-stitch on the left.

Pat putting up the tree with a little peek at my cross-stitch on the left.

Doesn't the tree look great?

Doesn’t the tree look great? The photo cut off the bottom of the tree a bit – but it looks so sweet. 

Pat also figured out how to wear the baby carriers we’ve got (the Ergo and the Boba) and practiced changing diapers with a little baby doll we picked up at the store. He’s going to be such a great dad – I can’t wait to see him with our Baby so soon!

Miss anything? Not really.

Movement? Yes and it’s getting uncomfortable! Baby is most active around 6 – 8pm every night and he’s so big now that his movements kinda hurt at times. It’s also weird to see my belly get super lopsided when he sticks his little bottom out on my left or right side.

Food cravings? Yes! Cherry Coke from Sonic (they add in the most delicious cherry syrup and top it with a cherry) and Krispy Kreme doughnuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Now, both of these are not the best foods for me or Baby – so don’t worry, I’ve only indulged in each craving once or twice.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I mentioned this in my 34 Week post, but my acid reflus / heartburn makes me feel queasy at times because my stomach is so squished because Baby is so big!

Have you started to show yet? Um, yes.

"Hey, Mom, I love just laying with my head on your belly. I can't wait for my little brother to be here soon!"  - Biscuit

“Hey, Mom, I love just laying with my head on your belly. I can’t wait for my little brother to be here soon!” – Biscuit

Happy or moody? Mostly happy and excited for Baby to be here soon. I’ll admit though, I’ve had at least one day each week where I am just SO done with being pregnant! Between all the changing symptoms and the doctor’s appointments and the uncomfortable-ness I’m now feeling at 9 months pregnant,  I just want my Baby to be here! I know it will all be worth it when he gets here – but the waiting is hard!

Looking forward to? Well at 37.5 weeks, Baby is officially full-term and could make his big debut any day now! With my luck, he’ll probably come at 42 weeks – but I’m crossing my fingers that he comes a bit sooner! We are so ready for you, little guy – it’s time to come out now!

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