A few notes on being 10 months pregnant…

I knew pregnancy would feel long – but I didn’t know it would feel this long. Today, I’m 2 days over my “due date” (haha – don’t talk to me about due dates anymore – they are make believe) and feeling like a beached whale. Walking from the kitchen to the bed, or getting out of bed for that matter, leaves me breathless. So much fun!

To kill some time this morning as I sit waiting on this little guy to come out, I thought I’d put together two lists. List 1 is for my fellow VERY pregnant lady friends; List 2 is for all you non-pregnant folks on how to keep those pregnant ladies encouraged.

  • List 1:  What to do while you’re waiting on the baby
  • List 2: What NOT to say to a 9 or 10-month pregnant lady and what you SHOULD say instead

What to do while you’re waiting on the baby: 

  1. Go out with friends and/or significant other when you feel up for it. I’ve started to get really uncomfortable in the past few days, so we may be at the point of just staying in; however, for the past two weeks we had a “date night” pretty much every night and it was awesome! We went out to our favorite dinner places, saw a ton of movies, went for ice cream, and went on a lot of walks in the evening.
  2. Do a restful project (or two). I got lots of advice to “clean the house” or “do all the laundry” or “wash the car” – which is all good and fun, but I’d much rather spend my time doing something that sounds a bit more enjoyable than cleaning the whole house. (Besides, you can just assign your husband to do this, right??) And on a practical note, since the baby could come like – any day now (please!!!) – you need to conserve energy! So do something you enjoy that allows you to rest. I’ve been reading a ton of books (nothing too sad or heavy!), cross-stitching a stocking for baby, working on puzzles, and putting together a baby memory album. Bottom line: do something that sounds fun to you and doesn’t require much movement. Movement at 40 or 41 weeks pregnant = super difficult.
  3. Binge-watch shows on Netflix or Hulu. I’m not saying this is productive or enlightening, but it’s a way to pass the time without moving your bum off the couch. I especially love all cooking and HGTV shows and my guilty pleasure is the Bachelorette.
  4. Stock up on food for after the baby comes. I heard this advice over and over again and wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. I also heard to stock up on “one-handed” food items. I couldn’t think of many one-handed foods besides Pop-Tarts at first and eating 1000s of Pop-Tarts for months after the baby comes just can’t be healthy. Once my mind cleared (maybe I was just craving Pop-Tarts??), here’s what I ended up stocking up on:
    1. Homemade chili (in the freezer)
    2. Homemade and DELICIOUS blueberry almond oatmeal bars (in the freezer) – also gluten-free!
    3. Homemade apple bran muffins (in the freezer)
    4. Homemade chicken burritos (in the freezer) – there’s no meat in the original recipe, but I added it in!
    5. Granola bars (Kashi Honey Almond Flax are my favorite and Pat loves the Quaker Chewy ones)
    6. Stouffer’s Lasagna (mmmm….) + a few other ready-made frozen meals (I know these aren’t the healthiest, but they are quick and easy and delicious)
    7. Components of meals that we could throw together in 10 minutes or less…. (tacos, tortellini, pasta w/Italian sausage, pre-cooked brown rice, turkey burgers, sweet potato fries)
  5. Don’t drive yourself mad by Googling all the ways to induce labor. They don’t work and you’ll get yourself straight on the road to crazy-town. Been there, done that.

Onward, to List 2!

What NOT to say to a 9 or 10-month pregnant lady and what you SHOULD say instead: 

  1. “Have you tried x to start labor?” This is so hard to hear, people! It makes you feel like there’s something you’re doing or not doing that’s stalling labor.  If there’s anyone who’s MOST ready to have that baby come out – it’s the pregnant lady! Please don’t make suggestions to pregnant ladies about how to induce labor unless they’re asked for. It just kind of makes you feel bad. Instead say: “The baby’s going to come any day now and you’re doing such a good job of resting and being patient! You’re going to be a great mom!” 
  2. “You look so big! That baby is ready!” I shouldn’t have to explain why this is not okay to say. Instead say: “You look great!” 
  3. “Well, it looks like the baby hasn’t dropped at all – I’d say you have at least another week or two!” Unless you’re my doctor and / or have some medical know-how, making a statement like this isn’t helpful. It’s just worrisome and a mood-killer. The reality is, some babies don’t “drop” until labor starts and some “drop” 4 weeks before labor starts – so, this actually doesn’t predict AT ALL if I’m going to go into labor tomorrow or next week. Instead say: “You look great!” (Keep it simple, folks!)  
  4. “Let me tell you about my [insert terrifying labor story].” Nope, don’t want to hear it. It’s much too late in the game to hear this kind of thing. Instead say: “Good luck with your labor and delivery!”
  5. “That baby’s going to get too big to come out of you!” Well, guess what? It’s coming out some way, some how. And I can’t exactly do anything about how big it is right now. Instead say: “You’re going to do a great job with delivering your baby!” 
  6. “How much weight have you put on?” This is NOT okay to ask at any point in pregnancy, but in those last few weeks especially, it’s just even more worrisome. And yes, people do ask this. Instead say: No comments on weight are okay. Only the pregnant lady herself can discuss this and she can do so, if she chooses, at her own leisure!

That’s all I have folks. I’ll keep you updated on when this baby does make his appearance. I’m sure he’ll be here before we know it!


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