And the third trimester has begun…

How far along? 28 weeks and 2 days (7 months). We’re officially in the third trimester now – baby is going to be here so soon!

Total weight gain? Not sure! My next doctor’s appointment is next week.

Maternity clothes? Yes. We moved into an apartment last week and so I’ve been mostly wearing the same set of t-shirts and leggings over the past week (comfort + functionality).

Sleep? My sleep has definitely taken a turn for the worse, unfortunately. I’ve been having a more difficult time getting comfortable as my belly has grown. I did start using a body pillow over the weekend and that has really helped a ton. Poor Pat, though. The whole bed is like a pillow nest at this point. My mind has also started to keep me up at night thinking through all the things we need for baby that we haven’t bought yet, etc.

Best moments this week? Well, we moved into an apartment in Winston-Salem last week and it was nice to sleep in my own bed for the first time in about a month! The movers showed up with our stuff and everything (except for one bowl) was intact from the move which was a relief. We also finally got a crib and have that set up now (although it’s currently sans mattress / sheets …. so, it’s not fully ready for baby).

Miss anything? I have missed the familiarity of the routines we’d gotten into in SF. We’ve been trying to make Winston-Salem our new home, and I know this will take time but I’ve felt pretty “homesick” for the city.

Movement? Yes. Although, this week was the first week when it seemed like baby was a little less active and according to all my pregnancy books, this is because as he gets bigger – he has less space to kick around in there. I definitely still feel movement through the day and night, but it hasn’t been as dramatic this past week as it was around weeks 24 – 26.

Food cravings? Not really.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I got pretty sick last Thursday night and after talking with Pat and my doctor, it seems like the culprit was extreme dehydration. I had been running around doing a million errands and unpacking everything and just forgot to drink anything all day. Lesson learned and I’ve been much better about making sure I’m drinking enough water every day now.

Have you started to show yet? Yes.

Happy or moody? Well, I haven’t been moody necessarily, but I’ve been pretty down. It has been a much harder transition than I anticipated. I had gotten settled into our life in SF and I have had a hard time getting settled and feeling at home.  I know that this is normal for anyone going through a major move (much less someone who’s also pregnant and just left a job) – but it is hard!

Looking forward to? “This too shall pass.” Literally – I am just looking forward to the time when feeling sad about our move will pass. I know it won’t last forever and when baby gets here, I will feel like this was totally worth it. Right now though, it just feels super tough.